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Concrete curb, stairs
and wheelchair ramp

We have done a variety of concrete upgrades. Ranging from increasing curb appeal for your office building with stamped concrete walkways and your logo stamped at your front entrance to adding loading docks, wheel chair ramps, and waterfalls.  


Foundation cut-back for repair

Our dependable service, quick scheduling, skilled operators and fully equipped fleet are here to serve you.

Large Diameter Core Drilling
Floor Sawing


Column Protector installed

Column Protectors provide column and beam protection for your warehouse or factory. Our column guards are available in high visibility colors, providing added safety for your employees.

Damage caused by forklifts, tow motor lifts, carts or other vehicles can be prevented with column protectors. They are an affordable solution to stopping property damage and will pay for themselves in no time. Our column protectors are a permanent solution to your on-going problem.


partial foundation replacement

CUI provides exterior repairs to concrete from small cracks to major structural damage. Once determined, we will provide you with a complete structural analysis so the proper repair steps can be decided.

There is no job too small or too large for CUI. Please contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.



Crack and Facade repair and Waterproofing

Water problems and cracks in concrete usually go hand in hand. CUI will do a complete analysis of your water issues. If your problem is with a underground pit, above ground leaky window or parking garage deck, our experienced crew can do everything from epoxy structural, overhead or vertical cracks to apply patching materials to large areas. Or, we can remove old sealants and apply new products in existing control joints.  


Removing failing concrete

We have repaired everything from hospitals to parking garages to stairways and walkways that are heaved or spalling. With concrete Unlimited we self perform almost everything. This way we are not waiting on subs and we have control of the quality of the work being performed. Our motto has always been “if we can’t do it right…then we won’t do it.”


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