For all your concrete needs choose CUI, the team you can trust to deliver on time and within budget. Quality, specialty concrete construction backed by over 32 years of knowledge, experience and expertise.
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Since 1979 Concrete Unlimited, Inc.(CUI) has responded to the need for specialized concrete services that required precision and engineering capabilities that most flat work providers are not equipped to handle.

Over the years, CUI has honed its skills in providing intricate machine foundation pads, floor drains and pits, and has expanded its services to provide the structural, concrete, masonry and fit-up construction and repairs that often accompany specialty concrete construction projects.

Today, CUI continues to expand its services and customer base under the guidance of CEO, Tim Krook.


CONCRETE UNLIMITED, INC., P.O. Box 134, 51 Maplewood Drive, New Ipswich, NH  03071    PH 603-345-4942 / 603-670-3829   

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